How to Install Metal Roofing?

How to install metal roofing

Looking to learn how to install metal roofing? Wondering what roofing choice is right for your home or business? Drive down any road in suburbia and you can see for yourself the beauty and style of a well-placed metal roof. Whether copper, aluminum, corrugated steel, or tin, this type of roofing can add significant value […]

How to Shingle a Roof: Laying Asphalt Shingles

How to shingle a roof

Did you know that according to Allied Market Research, the roofing market in North America is expected to reach $47,517.8 million by 2025? This is because many North Americans are replacing, repairing, and shingling their roofs. If you’re one of the Americans who’s decided to shingle your roof, then you probably have questions about how to shingle […]

How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

How Much Does a New Roof Cost

Did you know that, according to The Freedonia Group, the US demand for roofing is expected to grow 0.2% per year, so that it reaches 253.0 million squares by 2024? Many Americans are fixing or replacing their roofs these days, and it’s only expected to go up. If you’re one of the Americans replacing their roof, […]

How Long Does a Roof Last?

How long does a roof last

One major question you should be asking yourself when you’re looking for a new roof is, “how long does a roof last?” A lot of people feel overwhelmed when it’s time to pick a new roof, and part of that lies in the reality that there are a lot of options that you might not be able […]